Fear or Freedom? Let Jonkil Calembour, unabashed bastard son of Nietzsche and cultural physician, attend to the woes of America's Roman doom through a series of diagnoses aimed to perform only the most slicing genealogical critique!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

The End of War

Our first step cannot be external, it cannot be merely the removal of troops from abroad or the committing to the smelters all our instruments of ruin--it must begin at home. In sum: we must de-militarize the citizenry! How clandestine the process was...how SUVs, cargo pants, and the popularization of military fatigues were absorbed into popular fashion! Why? Because we purchased the unconscious rhetoric of the Final Solution, the End of Days, Revelation, the Apocalypse! Perhaps we are collectively more astute and perceptive than our more conscious counterpart: we have already foretold that our time is nigh, the end is imminent, and that we are on an unavoidable decline.

A nation that seeks to isolate itself and only attract to its bedside its most cherished allies is much akin to the animal who perceives it is soon to perish. Will America's version of its own freedom be so markedly Christian? A freedom as death, a reprieve from a life condemned as suffering, to move to some fairy tale hokum transcendent beyond? And true to Christian textual form, it will not opt for a passive fading away, but the showy and opulent burst of a bomb...Dragons and sword-mouthed Christs...an entire parody of Orientalization of religious symbolic decadence. Our only joy for us on the periphery is that it will happen quickly and be no more. Who will be the first to light the magnesium coil of their nation?

A Prescription for a Better Future?

At the root of our continued legacy of failed besotted values and bad politics is the deep and enfolded core of our collective body hatred. O how our obsessions with diets and pharmaceutical-surgical enhancements of the flesh, the televised mating games--all of it the further consequence of our body hatred! We tease and act as provocateurs of our bodies by torturing it with sensationalist extremes, killing it with hamburgers or our fashionable Munchausen Syndrome of breast enlargements! Bodies to be constantly modified as bigger or smaller! The body is the only true claim to life, and so is it any wonder we hate and fear it so much? Imagine a true and honest live of bodies, an unconditional non-begrudging affirmation of bodies! Not the construction of mannequins, but living things as living as all organisms! A will to grow, to keep growing, to be! Affirmation of the body would run all our cosmetico-surgical Dr. Frankensteins out of business! Natural pulchritude has its fount and end in the will!

Retiring the Appellation for an Epoch

It can only truly be called a post-9/11 world if we stop speaking about and reacting to the event of 9/11. If we continue making reference to it, using it as a convenient justification to push forth misguided policies that act as infractions upon the freedom of people here and abroad, it might as well have happened yesterday! A wound stays fresh if it is constantly reopened--even if to make a point, to look the part of the martyr and the hard-done-by plaintiff on the world court. And a constantly reopened wound soon allows infection to set in, perhaps to further exacerbate the pose of the victim. We will, for some time to come, continue to languish interminably in the 9/11 world. What is needed to push us beyond the stagnance of this present inertia is a politics of true difference--but before that: a doctor to mend the wound and order the patient not to pick at it! Tie the hands of the victim!

Honoured Pledge

The King promised less "Big Government", but has exceeded his promise to the extreme; we are now left with minor fiefdoms all under the puppet master who doles out filthy dosh as kingly bonuses to those states who best serve his will. His will shall be done, and where it lacks it can be paid for.

The 3 Symptoms of Your Government

More than half are seriously afflicted with the advanced stages of a disease which manifests itself as fatigue, retardation, and indifference. Therefore, you got the government you deserved. If you are administered a cure, I fear that you will be as Catallus: bitter and disillusioned.

A Small Paradox

It will take more than the rough justice of American capital to bring about the smooth transition to national serenity--in fact, all it can achieve is a crushing of the will of a people. How beholden are you to the unscrupulous miscreant law of the most for the fewest? Judge that if your last bout at the ballot box could be flawlessly superimposed upon your current visitation. Will two ballots be identical? Will you repeat the error of re-throning King George II and his ineffectual doll-queen wife?

Centurions For Peace

Has one ever heard such blatant oxymoronic comedy? Has one ever seen freedom or peace issue from the barrel of a rifle or carpet-dropped from a fighter plane? The Romans were similar liberators, too, deposing so many tyrants to ensure the inception of trade-slavery! You are free, say the liberators, heavy with their guns, and then they install their capitalist Juno in the oppressed peoples' temples! What use is this changing of the dictators? On the grounds that they promise a peace and prosperity impossible to deliver? Viral expansion of the market as if this equates quid pro quo for freedom? It all seems to me to be yet another case of absentee landlordism!

The President is Dead!

Let our weary nation unseat itself, take to the streets, and begin its wailing and mourning. The president is dead! Shout it through newspaper megaphones, the president is dead! Which one? Does it matter in this nation of sponsored assassinations of both overt and subtle design? All presidents are dead, for they preside (praesidium) over nothing, protect nothing other than their thinly veiled knteresrs and dubbing such egoist fantasies as the will of the people. What imposture! What a return to messianic fascism! We'd just as soon put a horse in the senate for all that dross and slurry is worth!

Sadly, even the current "president", who gads about as our earthly Caesar with all his vainglorious Bellum Persia lacks even the eloquence of Julius. What he has inb ample supply is folly and conceit, with which he has added another layer on his crumbling kingdom, whereupon he launches stuttering invectives here and issues a thick slab of saccharin "commonsense" sentiment there. O King Georgivs! Sickly turnaround war-boy dropped from the loins of Cold War paranoia and pecunia omnia! Either you align yourself with finance or the people--you cannot do both!

Vulgate Community!

Vulgus vult decipi, says Phaedrus, and how true! It is precisely because they cannot auto-deceive--an impossibility! The very folly of the nation is its transfer of deception through its media canon and how willingly our alleged journalists march in chains to our elected officials with not questions, but coached responses and trigger-items! Deceive me completely and according to justice, say our common--all too--common people, but ensure that all deception is double-dipped: once in a stagnant pool of our immutable "rightness", and again like the infant Achilles to be coated in the impervious skin of asinine rhetoric. Arm the vulgar still further by giving them shields, assigning them allegiances, and narrowing a view to the world to mere slits so that a global view is just the upside-down world of the camera obscura! Even the trail of words announces the further folly to come: deception to disceptation to decapitation!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Please De-monster-ate your grievance!

That we now register Muslims as we do pets! And what is this tactic but a flagrantly discriminatory act to re-designate the monstrosity of an Other into the safe category of pet poodles on a database? Shall we slide further down the slippery slope? I am calling for a more penetrating registration: I want every corporate christian right-wing demagogue and lobbyist registered and placed under the harshest of scrutiny! I want them fingerprinted, photo-mugged, ID-microchipped, and to have their organs diddled at all the security checkpoints! I want to be able to track their every movement! And if equality is the virtuous lynchpin of the republic, I want to see armed security personnel in front of every church as they already have at the mosques! For, as we know, christianity has a long history of breeding insurgent minds! O collateral indemnity!

Questions of Clarity

Fear of what? Freedom of what? Is there any infinitive left in freedom, or has it all been ferried away to the shores of the past while we populate the banks and shorelines waving our solemn adieus? Is it planes we fear over our heads, our own weapons, the hypercombustion of automobiles near commercial nexii? No, it is the fear that our days as master-consumers of the earth (false masters--mere slaves!) will come to an end--or more acutely, that the reigning DAY OF OUR VALUES will be exposed absolutely as ridiculous infantile error. To the scrap heap and antique shows will go our crown and throne relics of value! And freedom...O what imposture in a nation that purports freedom as a grand gleaming virtue! When its populace is coached, prescribed its actions, buttressed by a tepidly weak document, its actions, waging oppressions in other nations of oily interest (while stirring false political movie intrigue at home!). When its populace must sign oaths of allegiance to see the party's head speak! O what freedom burst from the birthing crucible when two commerical Reichstags were felled in incendiary attack! O what freedom to detain people offshore with no access to legal representation! Those who bleed such obfuscating rhetoric over these truthly matters are the real enemy combatants! It was freedom we sentenced to Guantanamo Bay, drove out of the White House, and in its place we crowned bloated fear!


What war in Iraq? What doctored journalistic artifice of spun and edited morale inflammation all the rage on infotaintment channels? Iraq war? Oh, yes, I saw the movie! This is what news journalism has traded its integrity for: a handful of pewter shekels, the unilaterally blind and one-sided hollywoodization of facts! Sexy soldiers! exploding tits! waving flag!...Have flag will lie!

American journalists cannot pose questions (a lost art)

America clerics of capital in tow, brandishing the embossed priestly hammers of a new cross--the snaking rood dollar sign upon which everyone else is crucified! this is the era when the dictate of values shifts but slightly to reflect dfemand: all are sinners = all are consumers. O what fools the populace be, that they encourage tax breaks for the papacies of big business corporateers of iron blue in the hopes that wealth will trickle down to the lowest common wallets! but no wage hikes, only more hoarding! perhaps the bulls and dispensations of frittered stock options are not far behind, and by then we can all languish under the truncheons of neo-feudalism's walloping knights!

Headlines and Slogans 4


Headlines and Slogans 2


Headlines and Slogans 1


Headlines and Slogans 1


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Simplicity Uber Alles--Or, the Death of Thinking: From words to colours

Dear Neetchee two;

I am a member of the militarized citizenry revved up for pointless wars with no clear victors and under flimsy pretexts. I have a commando-esque SUV, a personal handgun (+rifles) and wear cargo pants. Language is too hard. Words are too complex and ambiguous. Words make my head swim. Please recommend an easier, simpler way to understand the world.

Johnny Moronic

Dear Johnny Moronic;

We of the Industrialists Collective Plus have intercepted this grievance letter. Let us put you at ease by announcing the bold and frequent use of acronyms in our language which will hopefully make existence more intelligible ASAP, esp. on the INTERNET as well as the NYSE.

Ed Wms;

Dear ed;

I now have so many acronyms floating around in my bowling alley of a head that I forget which means what...I mean, NASDAQ, CD/DVD RW BCE and so on...I'm so confused! Help!

Johnny Moronic

Dear Johnny;

We of the Pollsters and Statistics Center of Pointless Studies have dug up an old solution that might just work: numbers. If we reduce all of existence to numbers, this will make life so much more simpler!


Dear World;
With all my computer and calculator stuff, my arithmetic aint no good like it useta be in grade three math. I am no longer motivated by numbers. I cannot understand how 2 and 2 go together anymore.

Johnny Moronic

Dear Johnny

We of the Ridgean Patriotic Society for Continued Panic and Fear have heard the call of many Americans like yourself who, by no fault of their own, find numbers difficult to figure. So, in response to the needs of our fellow Americans living in this age of fear, we provide a simpler system that you can also fashion coordinate with your modest shanty decor: colours. Red means very bad, while green and blue mean ok. But don't worry: to make it easier, we'll make the threat levels we announce rarely ever deviate from two colours: yellow and orange. Hopefully this resolves the plight of honest Americans like yourself living in a world of such unnecessary complexity. Our grand Presidente Pretender also believes in a simpler world where our foreign policies can run roughshod simplicity over the meticulous nagging details of difference.

With our fierce anti-intellectualism, we salute you!
The Ridgeans

Monday, August 02, 2004

The Space Race: its winners and losers!

The glittering spectacle of the spectacle! O you tongue-twisted glam-war machines in your star-moon-bomb boots and interstellar solar womb-suits! I await your crossing of the finish line of your space race and your full realization of a 1950s style sci-fi domination of the universe (as fools lay claim to the biggest and most unmanageable of spaces!)…And your plans to find oil on the moon or gold in the Martian deserts--all laughable folly! You will quickly learn, as your ignored scientists continue to petition, that there is nothing but dust and iron in the beyond, and that to look outwardly to continue a way of gas-swilling life is but a shabby pretense not to seek another way of life. I would grieve for the sorrow of the universe forced to welcome your imposition upon its untouched reaches, but I know only too well that the universe neither recognizes your sense of dominion nor will it willingly open its bosom of treasure to your technological pricks and pokes! I fear not that you will subdue outer space any more than I fear the mammoth will conquer the tar envelope in which he has unwittingly found himself sinking! Besides, the universe’s bounteous treasure is of a different type that you will never appreciate or understand, and your constant probing for opportunities beyond the Gaiasphere will only rush past the truth of space to chase after ideals that are nothing more than the phantoms of your projected sick desires! This lesson is the hardest for you to learn, as you have not learned it here with the cornucopia of truth on earth: all space is boundless, and all partitions of ownership according to stale timocratic ideas turn out in the end to be the false glitter upon a ground that is so easily whisked off by the first indifferent wind!

Erecting the Fortress--a disguised good

When will the liars and artificers finally erect their fortress as if to invite a siege? This Fortress America, coming soon! There will be no trolls under the bridges other than the ones you handpick or “elect”, and behind the great walls of your republic will seethe the ripe principle of decay! No matter how high the wall you build, all of us will still smell the rot of your decline, the open dirty groin of your nation suppurating in its last throes of syphilitic dissolution! Please build your fortress quickly and cordon off your self-aggrandized garden--behind walls, perhaps, you will become private global citizens and finally disappear! Make this fortress a complete and accomplished act and cut off all ties, not even debts to you should remain! Complete severance! Do you shut us all out or shut yourself in? Become the shut-in nation and bother us no more! Keep your circus to yourselves! I think it safer to keep the half-mad Christian reactionaries behind tall, inescapable walls, and quieter too!

The Error

O titans and clay colossi! I watch you belch your tired beliefs in your campaign trails…trails little more than paved Roman roads laid there by your great historical figures, the same reliance on diminishing expectations and the disrepair of the ages! You are in no way as great as the golden halls you have erected around all your lackluster figures of the past, and America has no heroes! For as long as you erect walls around the fishbowl of the fourth-world conditions of the slaves you have only in word liberated, you will gain nothing in respect, and only half in fear!

War Elephants

O rumbling war-elephant America! Heed the words of your enemy’s book, 105:1-5, and how the Muslims know all too well the outcome of this dangerous game! It is written there that clay stones pelted the invading elephants, was it not? But I assure you of a different fate, America, one that will not be as elegant as the allegorical words of a book you have been bred to despise…And around the neck of your high cabal will be the embroidered silk cord of the noose you fashion for yourself. Your military will outpace you, slanderous politico-generals of fomented mistrust and exacerbated rhetoric! The soldiers will rebel against you, the grand artificers of global discord, and then pillage your hoarded stores of wealth! At first, your fall will be the military dictatorship you unwittingly created, and then the ungainly features of decadence from another plateau will the be the arrow which flies straight and true to the arterial source, puncturing your lifeblood in a wound that will not close until you are drained dry!

The Pecking of Birds

And lo what do I hear from the screeching and keening harpies on the sidelines who critique my project and declare me a bad player at the tables of bad conscience, who may indeed lump me in with the “evildoers” to be liquidated by the state’s trigger-happy apparatus of difference-hatred? I hear only what tone underlies their keening, for one must dig deep for any substance in the lack of variation in their mimicking bird-calls! I find, beneath these ornitho-logoi shattering peaceful air, one item alone: a fear and hatred of the one who loves knowledge! Let I call myself a philosopher in unabashed style, but the first of my type, perhaps the first philosopher! Aristotle was merely a body accountant with the long ears of an ass…Socrates a quarrelsome drunk…Descartes an unpleasant accoutrement of a mechanical paradise…Hegel a fixer of fights in the transcendent! What need we of these faux philosophers? They would have no other fate in this day but to run for public office! But I digress…These harpies do not recognize the names I spin on the rolodex of time, for these harpies know only the spin of their media nests and the colour and preening of their own plumage! With their eyes that see far behind television reading glasses, they assume that they see farther than they do! Yes, the range of sight extends only to the border, and everything beyond the cultural bubble is too far, and is therefore distorted! Ignored! Perceptions of the Middle East homespun in the tired fabric of our rhetoric! Our way of seeing which is assumed to be absolutely right! And what else do our eagle-eyed harpies of the many too many see? They see two men punch each other in the face for money or a staged battle on the gridiron to chase after an contained oblong chaos! Let me say this to you harpies: I consider not your pecking beaks upon my skin, for you are at the precipice of your one only contribution to history: cheerful barbarism! Let your savagery and smiles be reflected, sans narcissism, to demonstrably indicate what monsters you be (rather than your claim that you fight and subdue them!)…

And, as we know, there is no freedom and no altruism--just idealized jokes these concepts are, fed to us as grain to the bovine who will only munch without question! For what is true absolute freedom? It is to be unhindered by any power, to go to the limit of one’s power…but even in the most reclusive and nomadic sage of the hillside must still abide by his slavery to the elements of physics. And of altruism, that too a joke…No such thing! A fable! A fairy tale! All hokum and a waving of the concept-wand to transmute resentment of the world into a disguised resentment alone! Every act is done for some kind of self-interest--so let us finally admit of our egoism and not show pride--for we are a reactive species. Even I, completely unleashed being who does not act out of fear of consequence, can be show at bottom to be a reactive man as well. But that I acknowledge and realize this, and that I have knowledge, will make me freer than the likes of those who still believe the myth that we are one, that everything can be reduced to the good and the useful, that our values are ineffaceably right! Surely, I cannot truly glean whether those who still espouse this belief in a higher duty, a la Kant, are flagrantly arrogant or merely crudely ignorant! That is a matter parsed out for no reason, for the outcome will invariably be the same! The very same fashion delegates and hordes of value sick-fed customs will disseminate further the necessity for our habits to act as princely in the home and humble in our exchanges--and yet to we manufacture and release the bombs of our values over the heads of those who have no desired interest in our churches! Why must the Crusades--so archaic, so déclassé--continue without the instructive redressing hand of wisdom? Not that I trust wisdom to ever be responsible…As it stands, modern wisdom can only be known by its one virtue of neglect.

The Crucial Wisdom--unheeded as per usual!

I reject the vapid Napoleonization of lands, and whittle critique into the lintels of American-Roman relation like the most indelible graffiti of our era! Let these messages burn brightly for other ages to swallow whole with eyes intent on obtaining knowledge of another type!

For I am...

I, Jonkil Calembour, unacknowledged return of Nietzsche, persona non grata in the land of counting houses and its vicissitudes! I, Jonkil Calembour, despiser of the willingly mollified mores and saccharin value systems of obnoxious repetition! I heard the rustling in the grass and saw there the national snake, emblematic as the sun and the rigid eagle that soars above it! O noosphere and blogosphere where these outrages can take place, let what a truer freedom become take hold of the hearts and minds in ways that do not necessitate command and control in the mundane fashion of our selected military pontiffs!

What I am!

I, prince of vehicular punditry! I reject wholesale the plutocratic pledges of greedy cabals as they so feign dignity and equity in their quarrelsome manner, smirking all the while while the shining white eye of Masonic predilection for ridiculously impossible global dominance presides over their actions, acting as governor and executor of acts! O sour note of our times! O distillers and handlers of fear in the guise of a freedom to come, as prostituted as all congressional and state matters! O manipulation of the presses and their willingness to be manipulated! O grand tides of money washing over the prices of every head! O hatred of a desert that will continue its reticent feature, never to yield to the tyranny of the oppressive slave caste of redder white bomb blue! There are no temperate voices in this warring tempest!

Friday, July 30, 2004

America-Rome: A Fundamental Lack of Consistency

For all the ills the Romans visited upon the villages of the surrounding regions, Rome was still wise and generous enough to bring some merit to those they inhabited; aqueducts, baths, trade, roads, and so forth. What has America brought to the nations they have inhabited with their garrisons? Fear and violence. Deposing a dictator they once supported and installing a hasty and loose democracy (labouring under the assumption that democracy is indeed the grail and linear destiny of all progressing nations, as if this is what the people really want!) is little more than a rehashed game at the table of feudalism. And now our occupied nations pay tithe to a different lord, a lord who is vaunted as their saviour, to which they must sacrifice the lion’s share of their economy to reduce the unpayable debt bashed over their heads! The lord will give title, land and trade opportunity to its coached friends while oppressing the remainder. And, O how the invading lord now backpeddles when his false pretenses for invasion have been shown to be false, and now speaks to the hearts of his own people about the things they have been trained to adore as sacrosanct virtues of the state: freedom and democracy! But these are just words when they are ferried across to the invaded land! Something essential is lost in translation! There is an Arabic saying: you must train a donkey many times before it will do what you want it to do. Is this the logic the lord sells? Is the nation he invades his personal donkey? Oh, he will ride this donkey until it expires and find a new mount soon enough!

Bully in the Global Playground

How long will it be until the brash and unstable bully of the world is brought to order by the instructive authority of another? How long will the world endure the prodding and brutalizing of the bully before the world itself bands together to put it back in its place? We should rather ask the fundamental question of why this bully is as such, what unstable emotional processes have led to the formation of this bully. For all bullies are edified by a most negative power, a reductive and reactionary savagery as it exacts revenge on the outside for what it wishes it could do to itself. Is it a lack of identity? Is it a Napoleonic urge to dominate founded on a dismissive Mother Europa? To react against the bully’s terrorism is to become, according to the lawless law of the bully, a terrorist. O ho ho, what a clever bully who has at his disposal all the psychological tools of the trade, and can infuse his rhetoric to twist all the gains of truth to shift the spotlight of “evil” upon others who disagree! But for whose benefit and in whose eyes? Does the bully appeal to a god in the sky as the ultimate authority, fearing the reprisal of the surly and stolid invisible parent, that the bully must appear as indelibly righteous? What use this reversal if not to appeal to some higher power? The bully seeks recognition from somewhere, someone, always chasing after himself to be constructed in full. If there were no God in the minds of the bully, the bully would not contrive such elaborate pretenses for its savage actions. But I have sage words for the aggressive and manipulative bully: the authoritative presence is already here, judging against you, and it is not God or some other phantom contrivance: it is time itself!

The Cloak of Convenience

How is it that a disinterested, pewter ducat media-fed mob of eligible voters become so polarized? What is it about the mass opinion that is formed by a constant inculcation of televised poisons that puppeteers the hands that handle the ballots on election day? Well, we know such answers as the others like Chomsky, Zinn, et al. have presented them; entire reams of evidence unheeded and ignored! A vast and deplorable anti-intellectualism has taken root, nurtured in the soil of archaic frontierism intermingled with cowboyism, Christian family values…And if God blesses your crumbling nation, he is a bad divinity! What installed father of the people praises folly? Unless your God has a different plan, or you are mistaking his blessing applause for anything other than his mere amusement at your bleak debacle! God bless America, but damned be all the outlying nations not yet subdued and tied to the yoke of the oppressive cross! A God who blesses ruin is nothing but a Nero in the sky, and so fear ye all his further blessings! Perhaps the only good turn that America can make is to work toward God’s displeasure and disappointment, otherwise America will grow complicit with these blessings, cloaked in a universal divine right bestowed by a divinity with an appetite for tragedy!

Welcome to the Era of the CCCE!

Yes, my dearest friends, welcome one and all to the Christian Coalition of Compassionate Economics! Whose job dies for your workplace sins? And every government payout to the corporations to run amok with their own proselytizing of products comes at the expense of your eternal guilt and punishment! Every consumer laden with the guilt to consume, to bring back the dead god upon the lumber of industry! Our grand corporations with their overt Christian ethos have plundered the earth according to the biblical playbook, and they accuse life for underconsuming! Redemption of life can only take place in a tax-free existence, with an automation laity that will continue to consume and support without question. “Have faith!” yell the corporations, and dare not question their inner workings unless one wishes to be usurped and detained as a heathen! Corporate Christianity has its deployments, indeed, for if (as Nietzsche says) Christianity is Platonism for the people, what further degeneration we find in all aspects of our waking lives: that pop culture itself is corporate Christian enforcement unto the people! And look ye all to your shining beacons of television sets and find there newly minted representations of Christian choir in the music industry, and the spiteful revenge against a true life of puissance in a glut of reality television programming! It is all the combination of the new Holy Trinity: Corporate-Christ at the centre, Hegel’s negating power of “progressive law” as the son, and Adam Smith’s capitalist invisible hand as the holy spirit! Be good players, sayeth the corporateers and corporocrats! Make no demands of faith, but let the stock market rain down its angelic honey miracle! Of course, how could a corporate Christianity function without tying its origin to some miraculating moment? Ah, such immaculate conception of capital! To deny or question it is to be considered obdurate, and to become punished with poverty!

A New Place to Live!

It is in this era where it becomes essential to build freedom bunkers and fear shelters. If Octavius Cheney can move his operations to the Cayman Islands to avoid the tax-groping bogeyman, perhaps we of the citizenry deserve such a refuge for our more pressing issues!

A Military Logic

What was it that the military requested not long ago? Their soldiers are in short supply, especially musicians! What war can be fought without music? Even in the shopping mall, music is utilized as a weapon to subdue and mollify the patrons, to encourage them to shop more! Will this music make the troops fight more? And what breed and stripe of musician do they require? Those who specialize in funerals for soldiers! What asinine and bewildering logic! If so many are falling on the frontlines, would it not serve the troops better to pose the question at its source rather than on its corollary appendages? A hundred more euphonium players is not a suitable substitute for addressing the issue with more acuity.

Morality is to Blame!

What baseless foundation do these warmongering tactics spring from? Recrudescent Christian nihilism, yes, nothing particularly new…Big Brother has constructed his Big Other as the very source of a silly antagonism. It is the nominal character of freedom that is but the mask on the wretched body of fear, shame, guilt, and the wellspring of such hatred! How is it that a populace so motivated by the inspiring words of freedom come to embody the very opposite in all their actions? That is, they posit the principle of freedom negatively. The nation negates fear in order to sew it into their own flesh! Look here and look there: the witch-hunt and the McCarthy days are here again! And perhaps soon we shall see the cattle cars speeding at the city limits, filled with those who take liberty at its word and make it a deed!

Refurbishing the Cradle

O that we could see fully revealed your designs and scheming plots at reorganization in the middle east! It all began with the carving out a slice of it for Israel, and the hammer of global politics that smashed the area into 22 separate countries! Are these nations little more than pit stops on the pipeline for you? I see you with your shrewd eyes on Iran now, and perhaps you fancy yourself a kind of T.E. Lawrence…that you will indeed unite the Arabs all under the murderous cross of Christian capital! Why must you litter the very cradle of civilization with all your toys and twisted desires?

Caesar has Lurkers!: A Caveat.

Our Caesar perhaps is too complicit with his advisors, all of them shadowy creatures with such shady pasts! Borderline criminals, the lot of them! If they are not descended from deep corporate affiliations, then they are applying their diabolical wizardry in their new appointments. Who to trust? Dearest Caesar, they are forming a triumvirate behind your back, making contingency plans for when you fall, to keep their vision alive. O ho ho, you thought yourself instrumental to the Republican agenda, that without you the entire machine would malfunction! But, I must tell you, not that I wish to plant the seed of doubt in your mind, that you are an instrument…A puppet! An expendable prop in the theatre! O how your Whitehouse is little more than a stage. Beware the stagehands, almighty Caesar, and beware the director!

How Dumbo Could Hear the Micro-Music!

Only an elephant could hear the trickle of democracy in the roaring tide of oppression! For those of us without such discerning ears, or perhaps not privy to the same kind of auditory hallucinations, what does freedom sound like to our Caesar? I wonder if one day he will hear the footfalls of the Praetorian guards behind him in the dark, he with such well-attuned ears!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Of course!

What set of ratios would not come with their host of linkety-links? A bad grog-swilling situation, to be sure, behooves us to stay the hand that would outbound itself to its outsourc'd partners! And see, anon, what these, ah yea, things might show forth and shine brightly as linkages! Aleatory slippages! Lunkages! Lanks and licks, for links and sphinks!


Freeze the Assets!

Our Caesar has stated on numerous occasions the dire need for economic vigilance in freezing the assets of all those who use their finances to fund endeavours hostile and destructive to freedom (and, whose freedom? Is one's freedom another's fear?). I urge our Caesar to quickly consider the source of his own familial wealth, that his Augustus-Grandfather was one of many well-known financiers of the Nazis. And should we freeze the accounts of our cherished Caesar and his diaphanous network? Let us render unto Caesar what is Caesar's due! O ho ho!

How Elections repeat History!

O Michael Moore, take note and heed of this! Remember November 2000!
As Gibbon said in his "Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire":

The emperor was elected by the authority of the senate, and the consent of the soliders.
O how the cues from Roman history multiply their ferment in our modern parallel! Shall we continue? Shall we speak topically?

In terms of the Abu Ghraib prison, Gibbon had this to say to me:

The centurions were authorized to chastise with blows, the generals had a right to punish with death.

Or in the words of Seneca, on Iraq:

Wheresoever the Roman conquers, he inhabits.
And in Orwellian flourish, Gibbon says this about Rome-America:

The terror of the Roman arms added weight and dignity to the moderation of the emperors. They preserved peace by a constant preparation for war. Yes, war is peace, on the conditionality of a perpetual state of war (fear). At what price this alleged freedom undergirded by the capricious force of fear? I ask this one question in the stillest night of so many Roman sieges of the globe!

Let Freedom Reign!

O how this word from the Pretender to the throne has brought about such shame and sadness among those of us who are so finicky with words. For, it is all too painfully known that this Caesar has so far in action reviled every possible definition of freedom, and distorted it to such a an extreme as to mint its opposite! Whose freedom? Yours or mine? I have seen nothing of freedom in these days, but I have seen the clearing of a path for continued fear.

The Reign of the Collicky Beast of Fear

...will continue for as long as we install despotic Caesars in that whitest of houses. Buttressed by reactionary punditry and hateful and wanton Christian ignorance, the people will always be swayed by the Caesar and his fiendish cabal. But when we strip the Caesar's image and laurels away, and abstract him from the ceremonious pomp and purple majesty of the State's elaborate scaffolding, what is our system of precious cult of personality left with in terms of this Caesar? What remains of this Caesar after such a dramatic subtraction? A mewling simpleton in a high-priced suit who with each word nails himself further still upon the cross of public opprobrium. The people would learn well to investigate their leaders without the footlights of the press and its character-constructing apparatus of slathering on the thickest veneers!

Same Masters, but with pay and ammunition

Those who so ardently and vehemently criticize the ones who critique the State's actions embroider a flag for free, not to mention assume that the nation is a weak and fragile creature in need of being so verbally defended, its ears clamped tight against the words of our interlocutors. If their Christian obedience to the sovereign's righteousness (tempered with all the sorrowful glut of Christian recreation, enjoyment, and besotted values) can be reduced in Christian-democratic calculation to its crudest form of utility, then these same hawkish and reactionary critics can and perhaps should apply for a transfer. Why should one who so hedges all bets on the veracity of the State continue to exist as free labour? Indeed, as mouthpieces of the State, as preachers and disseminators of the State apparatus of domination, as those whose patriotism is deep in the skeleton of their character, as those who cannot scramble over their open and enormous contempt for those who deviate from the State's gleamingly pristine image, should they not be duly remunerated?

I say let every adamant and blindly fanatical patriot who wields a flag bring his opinions to the front lines behind a gun, and be shipped off to combat against the unbelievers in a military crusade. In this way, at the borderlands of fomented fear, they will be paid and will pay more dearly for their hitherto inactive convictions! A needful sacrifice for pay! And let them take comfort in the flag in some far-off place that will only honour a star or a stripe of a different making! In this way, too, one still offers full obedience to the same master, but under the conditions of equivalent remuneration for all hitherto services provided gratuit!

Who is Freedom?

Do not speak of freedom if your means are militant; the deployment of troops laden with the means for producing great human misery is an absurd premise to kickstart any degree of peace. It is not enough that soldiers must drop from the skies to clear a path through tyranny while installing a muted version of their own, but to clear the path of any and all militancy. Occupation is a euphemism for delayed freedom.

To those who believe freedom emerges ex nihilo from fear

So unfortunate is our species whose history is saturated with the myths of immaculate conception! If it is not Athena from Zeus' migraine, Christ from the loins of the Virgin, it is this inveterate belief that fear will emerge triumphant and fully grown from the cloistered womb of fear! O how we cajole and perpetuate fear, as if an expectant mother...Inflating her size with our nutritive offerings, our elections, our colour-coded threat levels! But it is a false pregnancy! What insipid value we adhere to if it is believed that a detour through a wilderness of fear will suddenly bring about its antithesis! What sorrowful judgement...To multiply fear will not ferry us to the freedom any more than adding apples will suddenly yield bananas! A reliance on fear only nurses a sickness into being prolonged, to fortify itself; and words of freedom belched from the State architects of fear only succeed in a temporary alleviation and mollifying of a republic breastfed the sour milk of our American enter-taint-ment! But in the long run, these same words are emptied and divested of their meaning, packed in the ice of revenge fantasy, and has the effect of the sword on the hydra's head.